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6W Solar Powered Wall Washer / Uplighter

6W Solar Powered Wall Washer / Uplighter

  • $299.00

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3w Solar Powered LED Wall Washer/Uplighter with Built-In Solar Panel. Equipped with a dim lighting option to save your battery life, this light is easy to use and install and perfect for all your lighting needs. This versatile light offers so many different applications, why would you settle for anything else?

Some key features are:

  1. No hard wiring needed – convenient!
  2. Reduce costs on installation – massive installation cost savings!
  3. Reduce time at site – also saves on the cost!

3 year Warranty!


  • 10x SMD Warm White LEDs @ 0.2Wea
  • 1x 16.28WH Li-Ion Battery
  • 4W Built-In Solar Panel
  • Dust and Water Protection Rating – IP65
  • Extruded Aluminium Construction
  • 270 Lumens at 1 metre


  • Day/Night Sensor
  • Adjustable LED Tube and Bracket
  • 2 lighting modes 
    Mode 1: 100% brightness 6 hours + 15% until dawn
    Mode 2: 100% brightness 5 hours + 15% 6 hours + 100% until dawn
  • Surface Mounted Base
    • Up-lighting Trees
    • Signage
    • Feature Walls
    • Landscaping
    • General Illumination


    Our Outdoor solar lights are simple to install and practically maintenance free, using them won't increase your electric bill. Popular uses for outdoor solar lighting include pathway light sets, wall-mounted lamps, freestanding lamp posts security lighting & off grid lighting.

    Solar Power is one of the most clean sources of energy, as its natural, emission free and results in no pollution.

    Will save you money in the long run, with reduced energy consumption.

    Outdoor solar lights use solar cells, which convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries for use at night. We use NiMH batteries as standard for our lights.

    Outdoor solar lighting systems work well in most areas of Australia, it is important to consider geographic and site-specific variables when choosing a product. A solar lighting system will work well only if the solar cells receive the recommended hours of sunlight. So, choose a sunny location, to get the best out of your lights during nighttime.

    Our flood light range have the lights separate from a solar cell panel, in which case only the panel needs to be placed in a sunny location. Units vary in size from small, glowing pathway markers to pole-mounted patio and high-beam security lights.

    If you have any questions regarding our solar light range,

    call on (02) 8328 0685 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

    or Click CONTACT US page to send us a email.