DIY Solar Powered LED Flood Light With Motion Sensor & Security Camera – zlights

Solar Powered 10W LED Flood Light With Intergrated Microwave Sensor & IP Camera

  • $649.00

✔ 3-4 weeks delivered to your door.

Integrated Microwave Motion Sensor and IP Camera, high quality LEDs and a quality Lithium battery, perfect for those areas of your home that need some extra security and lighting.
The All-In-One nature of the fitting paired with its sleek design means that you don't have to compromise on looks like you would would with CCTV. Easy to install they are a practical option for any dark spot around your home or workplace.
CAMERA Features
- 3 Mega Pixels
- Day/Night Operation
- 120 degree viewing angle
- Concealed installation
- Internet Protocol (IP) with Wi-Fi
- Solar Powered
- 24/7 Recording Capability
- In-House Storage 32GB TF Card
- Smart Phone Connectivity via APP

- Solar Panel: 18W Polycrystalline (Separate, supplied with 10m cable)
- Battery: 3.7V 8.8Ah Li-Ion
- Charge time: 6Hrs
- LEDs: 10W LED Panel
- Colour Temp: 3000k
- Lumens: 1200 at 1 metre
- Construction: ABS/PC Plastics
- Sensor Range: 10M (Microwave Motion Sensor)
- Sensor: integrated Photo Electric Cell (day/night)
- IP Rating: IP65
- Working Temp: -25C to 65C
- 120 Degree Rotatable Design
- Warranty: 2 years

Dimensions - Main Unit
- Height: 232mm
- Width: 163mm
- Projection: 92mm

Dimensions - Solar Panel (excluding mounting bracket)
- Height: 260mm
- Width: 333mm
- Depth: 18mm