Bathroom Lighting Inspiration

Bathroom Lighting Inspiration

Avoid adding a light above the mirror.

Yes, that includes recessed lighting in the ceiling, such as down lights. The key issue with direct overhead lighting is it will throw a strong light onto your forehead and cast deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin.  Not only is this light ineffective for shaving or applying makeup, it can visually age you by 10 years, how shocking.

You should look your best when looking at your reflection. Proper lighting in the bathroom will make you feel better about yourself and promote confidence throughout your day.

modern luxury bathroom by zlights using warm white leds

Featured: Midpoint Weatherproof LED Strip Light 4.8W in 4000K

Accent & Decorative Lighting

If you enjoy art in your bathroom, accent lighting will show it off best. This can be for actual art or even cosmetic elements in the room like textured feature wall. The best option is  recessed / surface mounted directional lights providing focused illumination for each piece of art.

Decorative lighting adds visual sparkle. A single pendant light is all it takes to take your bathroom up to the next level. 

Replica Tom Dixon Pendant light in modern luxury bathroom

Featured: Alea Pendant in Matt Black , also featuring the Midpoint Splash 13W surface mounted downlights in white

Lighting Your Tub and Shower.

Most often, people assume one fixture is fine here, but you usually we suggest two. Equal lighting at both ends of a tub is best.

With a shower that’s 3×3 ft. or 3×4 ft. you can get away with one fixture, but if it’s larger you’ll need more.

Unlike the vanity area, for safety you should place lighting directly over where you stand in the shower. Please keep in mind that recessed lighting in these areas, has specific IP rating (ingress protection ratings) an area directly above a bath or shower enclosure, to a height of 2.25 metres from the floor.

This would include any wall- or ceiling-mounted downlights within the vertical perimeter of a shower enclosure, for example. IP45 is technically the minimum resistance required here, although IP65 is a much more common standard.

contemporary shower with led downs

Featured: Midpoint 6W LED Waterproof IP65 Downlights in White