Kitchen Lighting Inspiration

Kitchen Lighting Inspiration

Go for Layers

Generally, no single fixture will provide all the light necessary for kitchen lighting tasks, try adding layers.

Use a main overhead light, such as down lights with layers of smaller lights placed in areas for various tasks, such as above food prep station. LED strip lights work wonders for over the stove and above the kitchen sink. Adding layers will also help reduce glare, which is perfect for crafting a welcoming space.

layered lighting example in kitchen with pendants downlights

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Use Light Dimmers

Incorporating light dimmer switches in the kitchen makes sense because bright illumination makes tasks easier, while dimmed lights help with ambiance after the meal. Adding separate kitchen lighting dimmers for each fixture will help you customize the lighting for the situation. Be sure to check whether the light is dimmable, which can be found in the lighting specs in each product page. As far as choosing a dimmer switch, zlights recommends, Clipsal or Diginet who are the market leaders, with plenty of aesthetic switch plate options, to suit your space.

modern kitchen with dimmer switches


The Power of Track Lighting

No one wants to work in their own shadow, so this is where track lighting comes in. Track lighting is rising in popularity as an overhead lighting source in kitchens because it’s available in energy efficient options. But it also allows you to position each light to customize your space requirements. Tracks also can incorporate pendant light adapters, which mean, 1 system that can cater to two layers of light.

 Elegant track lights featured in zlights kitchen

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