Where is zlights based?

We are Australian owned and quite proud of this fact! Founded in late 2018. Our head office is based in Hurstville NSW Australia, with a branch coming soon to New Zealand.

Does zlights offer a custom-made lighting service?
We can custom manufacture lighting pieces to your specifications. We are also constantly updating our products available online. If you want a particular model that is not available on our website, contact us at orders@zlights.com.au

How early should I order light fittings for my project?

We recommend finalising for delivery 3-4 months prior to the date you lighting is due to be installed. This allows for delays in availability and shipping from overseas or production here. Holding off on these decisions can mean that quality of the light fittings available is significantly reduced and, given you’ll be living with your lighting every day, it makes sense to get ahead of the game and make sure you get what you want – not just what’s on the shelf.

Why are there different lead-times on different products?

We have production facilities both in Australia and internationally. This naturally means, production lead-times / delivery schedules are different, locally produced items tend to be more prompt.

How do I clean my feature lighting?

Read our quick tips and tricks guide for interior feature lighting.


Can zlights design a lighting plan for my private residence or commercial space?

Absolutely we can, we can incorporate both functional essential lighting like downlights and decorative elements like pendants or chandeliers. The fee for this service is based on the complexity and involvement of the designs required.

Why is the custom lighting production lead-time so long?

Custom made lighting involves many different processes, metal/glass fabrication, pre-construction, electrical fit out, powder coating/anodizing and finally testing and compliance. This is the reality of bespoke designs and one we are extremely proud to offer.

Do we have a showroom?
At this stage we don’t have an official showroom, due to sheer quantity of lighting pieces and customisations we have available. We do offer on-site consults in Sydney metropolitan area and have a great returns process in place, to ensure your totally satisfied with your purchase.

Where are zlights products made?

A selected number of products are made here in Australia, others are produced internationally.

Where can I see the colours/finishes?
Colour samples are available for order online, can be inspected during an on-site consult or we can also provide high res images.

What happens after I place my order?
After your order is placed online, you will receive an email confirmation with your order details. If any of your items are out of stock or we are unable to process payment, we will contact you within 2 business days of receiving your order. 

After your order is processed, we will notify you by email when your order has reached our warehouse for picking. We will also contact you by email, SMS or phone when your order is shipped with the relevant tracking information.

You will have 7 days to cancel your order, If you decide to cancel an order out of 7 days, while goods are in the production / fabrication process, a 30% cancellation fee will apply.

When should I book the electrician?
We understand that it is tempting to book your electrician well in advance. However, we strongly recommend holding off your electrician appointment until after you have received your order. This would allow for an adequate amount of time to ensure the contents of your order have arrived safely and to accommodate for any unexpected delay in delivery, which is unfortunately beyond our direct control.

What about any damages?
We provide free shipping insurance on all deliveries. Therefore, if you receive a damaged or faulty product, we will arrange for it to be replaced for you. A refund or store credit is only available if the product is no longer available. 

You must notify us of any damaged products within 7 days of receipt of your order. If you receive a damaged item, please email orders@zlights.com.au, with your My Order Reference (MOR) number.

 Is there any warranty on my purchase?
All products sold by zlights are fully covered by manufacturer's warranty. Manufacturer’s warranty is valid only within Australia  and commences from the date you receive your delivery. We highly recommend you keep the receipt from your electrician as evidence in the event of a warranty claim.

 International Warranty?

Please be informed that our manufacturers' warranty is only valid within Australia. However, we do offer 12 months replacement policy in the unlikely event of damaged or faulty goods. Shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.