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Hello. Welcome to zlights Lighting. So glad you're here.


We’re Jeff & Jason, the father-son founders of zlights.

Put simply, buying lights should be one of life's pleasures. We have a system that's clever and honest. We use it to craft lighting that's beautiful and affordable and we hire people who are passionate and genuine. Its not rocket science, its just caring enough about what your doing to do it right.

We strive to deliver fantastic lighting at reasonable prices while backed up by great service. Our vision is to change the lighting industry- positively and permanently, and whilst we are at it, we hope to empower individuality and self expression through our tailored lighting services.  

Find what you love and order it online, or contact us directly. 

We like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out. 

So that's us that's zlights

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Jeff & Jason