LED Strip Light Basics

LED Strip Light Basics

led strip lihgitng basics modern home interior exterior lighting

Where will the strip be placed and will it be used for task lighting, ambient or accent light?

Popular areas for consideration are:

  • Kitchens 
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Offices

"If your looking to add LED strip to your residential or commercial space, please get in touch with us! We can provide a comprehensive measure and quote service for the entire project. Working with you to create the perfect environment."


LED strip lighting in the kitchen is a great way to highlight overall quality of the various materials, textures and colours used. It is also important in filling in some of the dark spaces that are generally present, which cannot be lit with the use of traditional ceiling lighting. Installing our LUX aluminium profile + Aperture 4.8-9W strip in the underside of your cabinets, creates a soft light that doubles for both ambient and task lighting. 

modern kitchen white using led strip lighting for under cabinets

This also works when installed at the back of shelves, which help alleviate dark spots. Island benches are especially popular, when installed at the base, it creates a modern glamorous effect. Your island bench will appear to be floating on air. The use of warm white, cool white or RGB is entirely up to you. Warm white is preferred for intimate ambient, cool white is friendly, modern inviting or to create night time glamour use RGB, dialed to a purple or pink.

Bathrooms, En suites and Wardrobes 

Winding down after a long busy day. LED strip lighting is a great way to reduce the amount of blue-light that your receiving, reducing this will help the body better settle down for a good nights rest. By choosing low wattage, warm white, you are both creating flattering tones and promoting a more healthy environment. 

backlit bathroom mirror in 4000K to produce a flattering light

Bathrooms benefit from strip lighting being placed either behind, or directly around the vanity mirrors, this use of lighting effectively provides the most flattering angle of light, which is especially important when getting ready for the day.

modern bathroom

Some key areas in bedrooms that benefit from strip lighting are behind or under bed, display shelving, or ceiling niches.

bedroom led strip lighting installed in gaps

Outdoor Areas

Outdoor areas are the most varied, when it comes to using strip lighting. Simply because outdoor spaces are all very unique, more so than interior spaces. Outdoor decking deserves to be highlighted, strip lighting can be used on front facing elements to create a light rim, on decking steps to create a safe night time pathway or layered to create a dynamic modern flow. 

led strip lighting modern outdoor lighting

Railings are fast becoming a new popular area for strip lighting, since railings are usually front and centre for both front and back yards. Installing strip lighting into the underside of hand railings, allows the light to highlight the vertical beams, creating a interesting night time lighting element, which can show off the detailed railing work and also provide safety.

outdoor decking with led strip lighting installed in the railings

Exterior building elements, such as overhanging framework, stairs, or raised garden beds. Strip lighting can play a powerful role in defining your homes most unique and striking aspects. We recommend a 9.6W or less will suffice perfectly for accent lighting these residential areas. High rated strip can be used if you wanted more lighting, for example lighting a walkway below a over hanging frame. As mentioned the uses of outdoor strip lighting outdoors is only restricted by your creativity. Its one of our favourite areas to provide lighting solutions. 

ultra modern house using led strip lighting in the courtyard

Offices / Home entertainment Areas

Built in home offices are another area where strip lighting can play a wonderful role, when installed above the desk, it creates a perfect task lighting solution, its especially good for minimising desk clutter, which traditional desk lamps are known to cause.


Not only can strip lighting be used for task lighting, its also very useful as shelving accent lighting, highlight those vintage cameras, your favourite books or various items that you have collected over the years for front and centre display. 

Home cinemas, gaming work stations or other entertainment areas, these areas are best suited for our RGB LED strip lights. RGB LED strips are a good option for those that like some variety and color effects. RGB strip lights are color changing strips that are great for accent lighting all around the home. They use red, green and blue diodes so that they can be mixed to create many different colors.

home office gaming work station lighting rgb strip

LED strips should be installed on a sound, clean and dry surface.

Now that you have decided on the area, you want to install LED strip lighting. The next step is to purchase aluminium profile for the LED strip to be installed to. LED Profiles work as the connector between the LED Strip and the application area and provide a stylish and finished look. LED Strip Profile maximizes the applications and uses for LED light strips. 

installing led strip lighting on a clean dry surface aluminium profile

The LED aluminium channel houses providing a stable surface for mounting on the wall, shelf, or other area. The extrusions are compact and easy to install as they can be easily cut to whatever length is needed. Our LED Profiles are available in either 1, 2 and some at 3 meter. 

Using LED profile is also essential for the long life of the LED strip and to satisfy the warranty requirements of the LED strip.