Increase Your Home Value Through LED Lighting

Increase Your Home Value Through LED Lighting

One of the most straight forward, cost effective ways to increase the value of your home in 2022 is by upgrading or installing LED lighting. According to consumer reports using LED lighting in your home can boost its value by at least 1-3%.


This is achieved through energy savings, by both owner and potential buyer and a stylistic approach, which improves your homes overall interior/exterior appearance.

 chart showing how different types of globes consume power

Typically Incandescent/Halogen globes have a 1000-3000 hour lifespan, CFL is 10,000 hours and LED is 35-50,000 hours. These figures clearly show the long life benefits, reduced replacements and maintenance costs.

LED consumes far less electricity than alternative lighting methods, these saving translate directly to short and long term savings. Especially considering if the home is large with multiple rooms.

how led can save you considerable money on your home

A home fitted with 37 mains voltage halogen light bulbs, which transition to LED will save $253 each year.

how led can be a way to save money on your home

A home fitted with 15 mains voltage halogen downlights which transition to LED downlights will save $116 each year.

led globes can save you money

A home fitted with 15 low voltage halogen downlights which transition to LED downlights will save $76 each year.



CFL and LED lights can last 5-15 times longer than incandescent lights, so choosing a bulb that lasts means less money spent on replacements which equals less time dragging a chair around to swap out blown lights.


A quick example, a halogen globe might cost $3 to buy compared to a quality CFL $6 and LED $10. While the LED costs the most, it lasts at least five times longer than the halogen- in other words you’ll have to buy 5 halogens at a cost of $15 to last as long as a single $10 LED.

 modern sydney-interior-using-natural-elements-to create-a-visually-inspiring-space

Interior design is another crucial aspect that affects a homes value, proper lighting can make a room look far bigger, cleaner and compliments a fresh coat of paint perfectly. It draws the eye to places in the room that might be hidden by shadows, illuminates artwork and stimulates the viewers imagination.

 a clean well lit kitchen using various lighting to create a dynamic space

When they see a well lit room, they can already envision the potential style of the room. Lighting your rooms properly can add substantial value to your home for less than $2000 in most cases.

 modern waterside home showing the dining area with our unique branching lighting

Installing LED lighting in your home is a crucial stylistic move. Our lighting fixtures have been carefully engineered to bring as much light and value into your space as possible. Our exclusive range is infused with cutting edge LED tech, dimming capabilities and soft white bulbs.

The versatility of the zlights range enables them to be used in any room of the home, adding stylish depth and dimensions to the value of the fixtures. Either chosen as the centrepiece of the room or simple to compliment existing pieces and decor.

 smart lighting designed to save money and also assist the enviroment

Environmentally friendltechnology is increasingly important in today’s conscious society. Potential homeowners see that you’ve put LED lighting and other energy efficient modifications into the house, and they predict the substantial return on that investment. Installing our specialty lighting saves energy and cooling costs and adds an irresistible element of style to your home.