Tips & Tricks For Voids

Tips & Tricks For Voids

We adore a void and all the possibilities it brings! The grandeur, the airy and light atmosphere, and the potential for creating beautiful art pieces – there's a lot to love. One of the best ways to fill this space is with lighting. A void is essentially an empty space, why not use lighting to bring in a warm and captivating layer? With the right lighting, you can create something bold and make the space truly one-of-a-kind.

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Feat. Halo II Luxe / 26 Light Cluster / Bubbles

Voids can be filled with small clusters of pieces to create impactful, complex, and alluring installations that are just as visually appealing as larger scaled pieces.

modern design cluster pendant for luxury home design

Feat. Raindrop 56

Voids are a great feature to double storey homes, providing a perfect entry for stairwells and creating grandeur in entry ways. Lighting hung low can help to lower the ceiling height and create a more comfortable atmosphere in service areas like dining tables. While voids are a great feature, sometimes a key piece is needed to help tie the area together for a better aesthetic outcome.