4W / 5W 27000K T30 30mm LED Globe for Pendant Lights / Australia – zlights

Dimmable Long LED Filament T30 in Various Sizes

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The 4/5W dimmable filament LED globe combines a deep warm amber filament with clear glass, making it perfect for minimalist pendant lights, floor lamps or table lamps. 

This bulb is perfect for pendants which have a slim profile design, allowing the light to closely follow its silhouette and bring a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere.



V1: 4W
V2: 5W

Line Drawing skinny led globe 2700K dimmable dimming zlights
Bulb Type


LED Colour

2700K Deep Warm

Lumens V1: 400lm
V2: 500lm
Voltage 240V
Dimmable Yes
CRI >Ra80
Lifespan 25,000 hours
Warranty 24 months
Dimensions V1: Ø30*L128mm
V2: Ø30*L225mm
Material Amber Glass/Aluminium base
Tested Dimmers
  • Diginet: MEDM
  • Clipsal: 32ELEDM, 32E450TM, 31E2RUDM, 32E450UDM
  • Legrand: Cat AR400A3PM