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Ligne 180cm Ultra Modern Low Glare Linear Light in Black, White or Gold

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The Ligne, French for 'line' brings excitement, comfort and adapts seamlessly to the geometry of any domestic or commercial space providing a luxury low glare lighting design.

Characterised by its ultra modern slender design, with recessed COB modules set in groups. It's design to only provide light where its needed, allowing premium features like island benches dining tables or work stations to be elevated.

Available in 3 colours, black, white and gold, allowing it to blend in, contrast or compliment existing elements within a space.



ø31*L1800mm (pendant light only)

Suspension Drop 4000mm
(Adjustable on site, by contractor)
Ceiling Mount Surface mounted ø90*H120mm
Weight 14kg
(ceiling support optional, refer to ceiling weight rating)

Kitchen islands: mounted over islands, allows task area to be effective illuminated, while easy to maintain.
Dining table: highlight your tables natural finish, wood, marble, glass, metal and other finishes all benefit from effective directional light.
Offices: mounted above desks, in a way that prevents shadows is the best method. Alternatively can be used in break out areas for a modern touch. 

ligne modern linear 180cm 1800mm low glare pendant light Sydney 2022


Voltage 220-240V DC
Light Source Epistar LED
Lumen Output 1725lm
Dimmable No
Chip Type COB
Beam Angle 60 °
Lifespan 50,000 hours
RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark)
Warranty 24 Month (included from date of purchase)
LED Colour 3000K Warm White
(4000K/6000K upon request)
IP Rating

 IP20 Indoor only


Metal body + poly-carbonate diffuser + Metal ceiling mount

Colour/s Black / White / Gold (Powdercoated finish)

Normally fouled: Blow dust off with compressed air or gently wipe with a non abrasive cloth.

Very fouled (oil, grease, fingerprints): Use detergent (without bate effect or abrasive effect) in lukewarm water. Clean gently with damp cleaning cloth.

Installation Must be installed by a certified electrician