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Moooi Heracleum Endless Suspension Replica Light in Various Colours

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Available in 4 different colour options, making the heracleum endless flexible for a wide range of interior applications. Customise the LED colour to suit the lighting throughout your home.

What makes this piece special is its distinctive and organic look/feel. On a practical level, it does not offer a tremendous amount of light--it gives beautiful soft light, aimed at ambiance. A stunning and organic fixture, more a lit sculpture of the flowerhead that inspired it.

The petals are actually little caps that snap on over the LEDs and you can rotate them freely, though this has no effect on the light or its directionality. It simply allows you to arrange them if you wish. 

Sizes ranging from 1000-4000mm+ in length. We can also build custom longer configurations to suite a range of residential or commercial projects. Runs don't have to be just straight, we can also supply angled connectors allowing it to zig zag or sit at right angles.

Get in touch if you have and specific requirements.


Downloads 1100 DATASHEET

L1100 *H330*W430mm
L1200 *H330*W430mm
L1500 *H330*W430mm
L2000 *H330*W430mm
L3000 *H330*W430mm
L4000m *H330*W430mm

(custom lengths available, please contact us)

Suspension 7000mm
(adjustable onsite by electrician)
Lamp Base

Proprietary LED, replacements available from zlights

Location Over Dining Tables: Suited over round or square dining tables, can be paired for best effect of rectangular tables.
Living Rooms: Provides ambient light rather than task lighting, so suits a feature close to sofas or in formal living rooms over coffee tables.
Cafes: Perfect for longer runs over table areas, following architectural flow, allowing ambient lights to run through the entire premises.

1000mm = 45 x replaceable LEDs  x 0.3W

1200mm = 81 x replaceable LEDs  x 0.3W

1500mm = 108 replaceable LEDs  x 0.3W

2000mm = 162 replaceable LEDs  x 0.3W

Voltage 240V (comes supplied with Meanwell LED driver)
Dimmable No
Beam Angle 360°
Warranty 24 months from date of purchase 
Material Stainless Steel Frame / Poly Carbonate diffused lights
IP Rating


Available Colours Rose Gold Copper, Champagne Gold, Black, White

1. lengths over 1500mm require the joining of 2 pendants via supplied connector. This will mean that 2 wiring points are required for each section.

2. Can supply angled connectors upon request if L shape runs are desired.



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