Replacement Opal Frosted Glass Spherical Shade in 15, 20, 25 & 30cm Sizes – zlights

Opal Frosted Glass Spherical Round Shade in Various Sizes

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The humble opal shade is a timeless classic, providing effective diffusion for a range of light sources. Available in a range of sizes to suit many applications. These include a replacement for existing damaged light shades, table lamp upgrades, increase or decrease the size of your pendant or chandelier light shade or even change the shade colour from smoke, amber or another colour.




Thickness 3-5mm
(varies due to handmade nature of the glass)

150mm: 40mm
200mm: 60mm
250mm: 80mm
300mm: 100mm 


Opal matte white


3 month warranty only

Carton size: 4 units

This range of glassware is either hand blown or mould-formed, therefore small detail may vary between batches.


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