Raindrop Ultra Modern 2022 Large Luxury Void Cluster Light Pendant – zlights

Raindrop Ultra Modern Cluster 1, 32, 48 and 56 Light Pendant Series

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From the vast sky, raindrops are the purest state of water. Water gives life to all things, and benefits everything without dispute. Multiple glass processes gives light more room for imagination.

The raindrop collection is destined for high end luxury residences. Large voids and high ceilings are ideal locations for this impressive modern statement piece. 

Available in 4 different sizes to suit a wide variety of homes and spaces.

LED's shine through handmade glass diffusers creating a bright yet sleek look. 

Made to order exclusively from zlights, each order is carefully constructed to our strict & painstaking specifications, its time to bring a sensation of opulence and timelessness to your space.



1 light: ø90xH230+1800mm suspension

32 light: ø800xH230+1800mm suspension

48 light: ø1000xH230+2075mm suspension

56 light: ø1200x230+4000mm suspension

Suspension is adjustable by electrician

Ceiling Mount

1 light: ø90xH110mm

32 light: ø800xH53mm

48 light: ø1000xH53mm

56 light: ø1200xH53mm
(All ceiling mounts are round)

Location/s Voids: Suited as key feature piece for entryways, dining rooms, stairwells and atriums. Suits large front/rear facing windows, to provide visual statement from outside.
Living rooms: Can be used as a unique visual piece to cascade through 2 different levels, finishing off in the ground or lower ground levels.
Multi levels: Can suit spaces with multiple levels, including commercial spaces.
Wattage 3W / 96W / 144W / 168W
Voltage 220-240V VAC 50/60HZ
Light Source Epistar LED
Lumen Output

1 light: 210lm

32 light: 6720lm

48 lighting: 10080lm

56 light: 11760lm

Dimmable No
Chip Type SMD
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Warranty 36 month (included from date of purchase)
LED Colour 3000K Warm White
IP Rating

 IP20 indoor only

Material Metal body + Hand-made glass shade + Metal ceiling mount

Normally fouled: Blow dust off with compressed air or gently wipe with a non abrasive cloth.

Very fouled (oil, grease, fingerprints): Use detergent (without bate effect or abrasive effect) in lukewarm water. Clean gently with damp cleaning cloth.


Must be installed by electrician 

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