Replica Moooi Heracleum II Suspension Light 98cm in Black 3000K – zlights
Replica Moooi Heracleum Suspension Light 98cm in Copper

Replica Moooi Heracleum Suspension Light 98cm in Copper

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What makes this piece special is its distinctive and organic look/feel. On a practical level, it does not offer a tremendous amount of light--it gives beautiful soft light, aimed at ambiance. A stunning and organic fixture, more a lit sculpture of the flowerhead that inspired it.

The petals are actually little caps that snap on over the LEDs and you can rotate them freely, though this has no effect on the light or its directionality. It simply allows you to arrange them if you wish. 

A stunning and statement-making light, but the way the LED "buds" extend from the "branches" creates a festive ambiance without detracting from the modern, sophisticated aesthetic.



Downloads 98CM DATASHEET

(Pendant light only)

Ceiling mount Round mini surface mount in matching colour

(adjustable on site by electrician)

Locations Over Dining Tables: Suited over larger dining tables singular or as pairs for even larger sized tables
Living Rooms: Provides ambient light rather than task lighting, so suits a feature close to sofas or in formal living rooms over coffee tables.
Cafes: Perfect for a ambient modern/contemporary vibe
Voids: Used in multiples, its light and airy design works well in medium to large voids, either staggered or in rows.
Globe Base

 Replaceable LED modules available from zlights 

Voltage 63 LEDs Included x 0.3W
Lumens 1180lm approx
Colour Temp 3000K Warm White
Dimmable No
Beam Angle 360 Degree
Warranty 24 months from date of purchase 
IP Rating


Material Stainless Steel Frame / Poly Carbonate diffused lights
Available Colours Rose Gold Copper
  • Designer: Bertjan Pot
  • Design House: Moooi
  • Type: Contemporary


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